Strategic 5 Year Fundraising Plan

The majority of nonprofits plan for the coming fiscal year. Most fail to envision their organization beyond that one year. Becoming an effective community requires effective short and long term planning. The Barakah Project will help devise a custom 5 year strategic development plan that will take you to the next level. By the time we complete and put into play this plan, no dream will be too big.

We will provide a 5 year growth plan for your community and work with you on identifying annual benchmarks. Year by year, we will be able to assess the gradual productivity of the plan we put together. Year 1-3, each year will see a 10% increase than the previous year. Years 4-5 will see a 20% and 30% increase respectively.

By the end of the 5 years, you will have:

  • Solidified your Annual Fund
  • A better understanding of your Major Gifts Program
  • Prepared yourselves for a Capital Campaign
  • Established the groundwork for an Endowment (Waqf)