Annual Fundraising Campaign

The Annual Fund (AF) is what sustains your organization/masjid. The AF is typically what you need to raise to cover your budget  (scheduled/operating expenses, fees, bills, etc.). Most nonprofits break even at the end of the year, have a little bit of a surplus, or worse, end up in the red. This cycle prevents you from thinking bigger, envisioning better, and it also proves to be a hurdle for unexpected expenses.

What many organizations don’t understand at times is that the AF is a gamechanger. Raising the bar, and challenging your community to do better will result in envisioning bigger and better. Aiming higher for your AF pushes you to think long-term.

The Barakah Project will sit down with you to understand your needs and desires. We will use data to give you a very specific and detailed plan for your Annual Fund. This plan will help you grow and expand your operations, will allow you to hire or acquire resources you thought unimaginable. We will help you grow your Annual Fund manifold.