Annual Fundraising Campaign

We will build out a comprehensive and practical annual fund plan for you. This plan will automatically increase your annual fund by 25% utilizing best practices and avoiding common mistakes.

Year Fundraising Plan

We will build out a long term fundraising plan for you that includes: 100% increase in your annual fund by year 5 Major Gifts Program and Capital Campaigns Endowments

Fundraising and Special Events

We will help you plan and execute fundraising events that will be low cost and high revenue. This includes a plan, providing speakers, and overseeing all of the pre-planning for the event.

Planned Giving

We will provide guidance to you for properly conducting planned giving and bequests. Enhance your fundraising by giving your donors additional outlets to leave funds to you in their will.

Mosque/Community Development

- Staffing (Imam/Youth Coordinators) - Programs/Events/Seminars/Workshops - Board Training/Compliance - Community Engagement

Ramadan Playbook Fundraising

- Complete Ramadan Fundraising planning - Donor cultivation plan to maximize contributions - Capitalize on the most giving time of the year for Muslims


about Fundraising

Annual Fundraising Campaign

The Annual Fund (AF) is what sustains your organization/masjid. The AF is typically what you need to raise to cover your budget  (scheduled/operating expenses, fees, bills, etc.). Most nonprofits break even at the end of the year, have a little bit of a surplus, or worse, end up in the red. This cycle prevents you from thinking bigger, envisioning better, and it also proves to be a hurdle for unexpected expenses.

What many organizations don’t understand at times is that the AF is a gamechanger. Raising the bar, and challenging your community to do better will result in envisioning bigger and better. Aiming higher for your AF pushes you to think long-term.

The Barakah Project will sit down with you to understand your needs and desires. We will use data to give you a very specific and detailed plan for your Annual Fund. This plan will help you grow and expand your operations, will allow you to hire or acquire resources you thought unimaginable. We will help you grow your Annual Fund manifold.

Strategic 5 Year Fundraising Plan

The majority of nonprofits plan for the coming fiscal year. Most fail to envision their organization beyond that one year. Becoming an effective community requires effective short and long term planning. The Barakah Project will help devise a custom 5 year strategic development plan that will take you to the next level. By the time we complete and put into play this plan, no dream will be too big.

We will provide a 5 year growth plan for your community and work with you on identifying annual benchmarks. Year by year, we will be able to assess the gradual productivity of the plan we put together. Year 1-3, each year will see a 10% increase than the previous year. Years 4-5 will see a 20% and 30% increase respectively.

By the end of the 5 years, you will have:

  • Solidified your Annual Fund
  • A better understanding of your Major Gifts Program
  • Prepared yourselves for a Capital Campaign
  • Established the groundwork for an Endowment (Waqf)

Annual Fundraising Campaign

The Barakah Project aims to put together the best and most effective fundraising events. Whether it’s your annual banquet or gala, or your Ramadan fundraiser, we’ve got you covered. With 15 years of experience putting together small and large events, The Barakah Project will plan and execute your entire fundraising event from A to Z. From providing you highly motivational speakers, to keynote attractions, and entertainers that will keep the audience engaged, we will give you the comfort and ease of knowing that things will operate as smoothly as possible, God-willing.

The Barakah Project can provide you with:

  • Fundraising Speakers
  • Keynote Speakers
  • Top Quran Reciters
  • Emcees
  • Comedians
  • Nasheed Artists
  • Spoken Word Artists
  • And more…

Additionally we will:

  • Provide you a fundraising plan for the banquet/event so you will have raised more than 60% of your funds before the event even begins
  • Plan your logistics
  • Organize your event program
  • Save you money you will realize you didn’t have to spend in the first place

Planned Giving

Our religion teaches us about the concept of recurring sadaqah and the benefits of it even in our graves. The Barakah Project will equip you with a Planned Giving Program that will allow community members to leave you in their wills, include you in their estate planning, make annuities/stocks and other non-cash contributions to your organization.

Planned Gifts are the largest gifts organizations receive from donors. It shows the utmost level of trust a donor will have with the organization. Mosques in particular are left as beneficiaries of estate planning from many donors.

These gifts are great to go towards endowments, future planning, expansion and major financial decisions your organization will have to make. The Barakah Project CEO and COO both are certified in Planned Giving and will help devise an entire Planned Giving program for your organization.

Mosque/Community Development

One of the biggest challenges many communities face is the disconnect between religious clergy/leadership and the congregation. According to a recent survey by the ISPU, the biggest segment of the community that is missing from the Masjid is the 18-34 age range, despite making up the biggest population of Muslims in the US.

Most communities are one qualified resource away from taking things to the next level. Whether it’s a vibrant Imam who understands the needs of the American Muslim community, or a Youth Director that will help shape the next generation into leaders, The Barakah Project will help equip your community or organization with resources.

Additionally, The Barakah Project will organize workshops with experts in areas such as:

  • Family Issues
  • Marriage
  • Youth Issues
  • Leadership/Board Training
  • Financial Planning
  • And other important topics

We work with Imams, Scholars, Seminaries, Institutions that will travel to your communities and provide your community with the relevant knowledge and beneficial information. We will be able to connect you with other major organizations that will continue to bring resources to your community.

Ramadan Playbook Fundraising

The majority of Muslim organizations raise 60-70% of all their funds during the month of Ramadan. Muslims generally give more in Ramadan because of the added rewards and blessings. The Barakah Project will curate your Ramadan playbook which will help you:

  • Capitalize on the month of blessings
  • Avoid burning out donors
  • Allow you to have 1 effective fundraising campaign that will be easy on the community
  • Allow you to raise more funds than you’ve ever raised in any previous Ramadan

The Barakah Project will provide you with:

  • A to Z guide on Ramadan planning starting 2 months before Ramadan
  • A donor cultivation plan
  • A motivational fundraising speaker for your annual Ramadan fundraiser
  • Focus on spirituality during the most blessed nights of Ramadan rather than long, drawn out fundraisers