Ramadan Playbook Fundraising

The majority of Muslim organizations raise 60-70% of all their funds during the month of Ramadan. Muslims generally give more in Ramadan because of the added rewards and blessings. The Barakah Project will curate your Ramadan playbook which will help you:

  • Capitalize on the month of blessings
  • Avoid burning out donors
  • Allow you to have 1 effective fundraising campaign that will be easy on the community
  • Allow you to raise more funds than you’ve ever raised in any previous Ramadan

The Barakah Project will provide you with:

  • A to Z guide on Ramadan planning starting 2 months before Ramadan
  • A donor cultivation plan
  • A motivational fundraising speaker for your annual Ramadan fundraiser
  • Focus on spirituality during the most blessed nights of Ramadan rather than long, drawn out fundraisers