Who We Are

The Barakah Project believes in a world where fundraising is done in a more effective way. We exist to help communities recognize their truest potential. We have a combined 20+ years of nonprofit experience, 10+ years of working in the Mosque space, and 5+ years of development work. With our efforts in helping Mosques, Islamic Schools, and Nonprofits all over the US, we have seen double if not triple growth in annual fundraising for those we have worked with.

Our Values

Our team of certified, expert, fundraising professionals combine industry standard best practices with the knowledge of the American Muslim community to divise strategic short term and long term fundraising plans that will help your organization grow and exceed far beyond your expectations. All of our consultants have at least a CFRM (Certified Fundraising Management) certificate and have hands on experience of raising more than $100 million in funds for the American Muslim community.