Mosque/Community Development

One of the biggest challenges many communities face is the disconnect between religious clergy/leadership and the congregation. According to a recent survey by the ISPU, the biggest segment of the community that is missing from the Masjid is the 18-34 age range, despite making up the biggest population of Muslims in the US.

Most communities are one qualified resource away from taking things to the next level. Whether it’s a vibrant Imam who understands the needs of the American Muslim community, or a Youth Director that will help shape the next generation into leaders, The Barakah Project will help equip your community or organization with resources.

Additionally, The Barakah Project will organize workshops with experts in areas such as:

  • Family Issues
  • Marriage
  • Youth Issues
  • Leadership/Board Training
  • Financial Planning
  • And other important topics

We work with Imams, Scholars, Seminaries, Institutions that will travel to your communities and provide your community with the relevant knowledge and beneficial information. We will be able to connect you with other major organizations that will continue to bring resources to your community.